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Speaking up for Obamacare in local papers

As they see the benefits—like better coverage and lower costs—Americans are speaking out in support of Obamacare in newspapers across the country. Here are some of the things they're saying:

In reference to the letter of Oct. 25 from James Bedore, who states: 1) that his freedom has been curtailed in an unspecified manner by the Affordable Care Act; and 2) that no one who supports the act has ever read it, including President Obama: I support the act. I have never read it. But I do know that because of the act, my 22-year-old son, a recent UL grad, is covered under my insurance. My California insurance just recently picked up my son’s $18,000 Lafayette General emergency room bill, which otherwise would have burdened the community, including, indirectly, Mr. Bedore. Now he is free of it.
Robin S. Tanner, The Advertiser. Berkeley, California.

In the long run
Lack of medical insurance is a major obstacle to accessing the health care system. People without medical insurance are more likely to delay or avoid medical treatment, less likely to receive preventive care and are less likely to complete treatment. The Affordable Care Act encourages and financially supports health maintenance and preventive care with coverage for doctor visits, hospitalizations, maternity care, emergency room care and prescriptions.
Pat Howard, Naples Daily News. Naples, Florida.

Almost 50 years ago, the United States recognized that a program to provide medical care for people lacking the financial resources is a responsibility we should share as a progressive, civilized nation. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act adopted by Congress in 2010 will permit many more struggling people and families to receive medical care.
The Revs. Joseph P. Breen, Philip Breen, and Robert H. Crumby, The Tennessean. Nashville, Tennessee.

Heath plan website well worth a visit
I bought a plan for about what my 2012 premium was ($870), and it has better coverage, a better deductible, a better out-of-pocket max, better co-pays and a better prescription plan. And because of Obamacare, preventive visits are free. It is just better. So don’t feed into the negativity. Just try it. It is worth it.
—Anthony Weil, The Times of Trenton. Piscataway, New Jersey.

Obamacare is changing lives every day, and you can be a part of the team making sure people know it. Join the fight to make sure every American knows the benefits of Obamacare.
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