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Obamacare helped me keep my doctor of 27 years

When I was less than one year old, my mother noticed something strange. My hands and feet were a little blue and a little cold, so my mother took me to the hospital. Turns out, my aorta was narrow (called a coarctation of the aorta) and I required surgery right away.

That was my last surgery, and my medical history has been without serious drama since then. However, I have needed an angioplasty, annual visits to the cardiologist, and a couple of medications to keep my hypertension under control. I am 27 years old now. I work as a consultant, but I didn't have access to employee health insurance, so I had to apply for my own. Earlier this year, I was denied health insurance for my "history of congenital heart defect [and] ... history of hypertension."

It was strange being denied health coverage for something that happened before I was born. Not being able to visit my cardiologist, a doctor I have relied on for 27 years, was extremely unnerving.

That's why I signed up for Obamacare on Day One.

Thanks to the new law, I will no longer be denied coverage, and I can keep my doctor of 27 years. Health care is an important security that all Americans deserve, and I am thankful to have access to affordable and quality care.

Like me, many people have stories of how Obamacare will improve their lives. Share your story and get the word out that Obamacare is working.

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