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“Obama is not only one of us, he is with us…”

I’ve been a summer fellow for about 3 weeks and I have learned the impact that one person can have by making calls, meeting with volunteers, and talking about the President’s accomplishments.

When I arrived for my first one-on-one, Donna was already standing outside in the humid 80+ degree weather, eager to get started.

Once inside, we exchanged our stories and reasons for supporting the President. As I listened to her story, I was taken aback. Donna’s life was full of devastating struggles—yet she continues to have an incredibly bright outlook on life.


In 1990, Donna contracted HIV from her husband who suffered from drug addiction. She had two strokes that left the right side of her body partially paralyzed—making even the simple act of speaking difficult. Our conversation was slow but inspiring. Despite her challenges, Donna is ready to help the President in any way she can.

Donna is inspired by President Obama’s commitment to healthcare and health awareness. She recalled his 2006 visit to Kenya, when he publically took an HIV test to encourage others to do the same. This statement was personal for Donna—and she appreciated then-Senator Obama’s courage.

"Obama is not only one of us, he’s with us - not just with ‘black’ America but with elderly America, middle-aged America, young America, middle class America, immigrant America, LGBT America, jobless America, working America, healthy America and physically challenged America. He is the only candidate whose intent is that we all live well and prosper . . . not just a few."

Since we met, Donna has committed to attend every Baltimore City phone bank that she can this summer.
There are only 133 days until the Election Day. Will you join Donna and sign up to volunteer in your community?

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