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“Black, white, gay, straight—love does not discriminate!”

Massachusetts has come out in force for Boston Pride. The energy at the recent Pride Parade was incredible, with thousands of participants and enthusiastic supporters lining the route.

The Obama campaign in Massachusetts had a huge presence in the day’s events, with a large group of marchers and a busy booth at Boston’s City Hall Plaza, full of information and gear showing the President’s support for marriage equality.

OFA MA’s new crew of summer organizing fellows got fired up for the march—their first event of the campaign.

Just before the start of the march

At the head of the parade, Governor Deval Patrick and his wife Diane marched wearing “LGBT for Obama” badges. They were followed by hundreds of supporters as they marched and chanted for the President’s support of marriage equality.

Governor Deval Patrick and Diane Patrick

Moms J.L. and Eve marched with their son, Marquam, showing their pride.

J.L. and Eve with their son, Marquam

“Hey, Romney! Don’t you see? Obama loves equality!”

Hey Romney, don't you see? Boston loves equality!

The Obama booth was one of the busiest at the parade, with people lining up to register to vote, signing up to volunteer, and showing their support with “Obama Pride” t-shirts and stickers.


We need you to get involved and help spread the word about the President’s work for equal rights for the LGBT community. Join us! Become part of your neighborhood team and find an event near you today. And text us, maybe?

Text PRIDE to 62262

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