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Obama 2012 Welcomes Two New Grassroots Leaders in Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit is honored to welcome new grassroots leaders Junius B. and Moriah A. who are IN for Obama 2012. Junuis has supported President Obama and his agenda for change, and feels a level of responsibility in seeing that continue.

Junius Boston

“I’m in because it’s important to see the President succeed for our country.”

Both newcomers not only made a commitment to spread the word to people in their neighborhood, also empower new volunteers as well. In neighborhoods across Detroit, Community Organizer Carole W. has been working to empower volunteers like herself to work together as a functioning unit for change.

Moriah Allen

Moriah is definitely ready and excited. “The President is working hard on our behalf and I’m ready to get to work to help him.”

Junius, Moriah, and many others in Detroit are bringing their neighbors together and want YOU to join! Are you IN for Obama 2012? Drop us a line at [email protected] or click here.

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