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Obama 2012 Team Leader Spotlight: Ann G Hits the Ground Running in Detroit

Ann G. is a whirlwind of organizing effort when it comes to the President’s 2012 campaign. She recently attended a Grassroots Planning Session in Detroit. Ann pledged that she was IN for Obama 2012 and ready to get to work. Since then, she has asked almost 500 other Detroiters to be IN as well.

Ann GoldBold3

As an experienced Community Organizer, she never commits to doing something she cannot finish. Her passion for volunteering is fueled by her admiration for President Obama and what he represents: our communities.

“I take this work very seriously because it is serious—We have to reach people and help reconnect them to the grassroots process of re-electing the President. And if we all do our part, then we will not fail.”
In order to build a strong grassroots campaign, we have to reach out to the communities around us in ways we can engage the most people. Ann’s tireless work organizing her city is a prime example of how to reach victory in 2012. She can be found canvassing in front of Beauty and Barber supply stores, gas stations and other businesses all around Detroit. She has even taken her show on the road across the nation, and collected 77 I'm IN cards during a recent out-of-town trip.

Ann Godbold

Ann is an important part of our effort to build this campaign, block by block. Ann continues to be active in Detroit and would love for you to see why she keeps coming back. Interested? Click here to find events or team meetings in your area. Don’t forget to join our online family by following us on twitter and facebook.

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