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Obama 2012 Reaches Out to Bay City Democrats

Bay City- At the Bay County Democratic Party Meeting in June, we were invited to hold one of our grassroots planning sessions during their meeting. We were very appreciative to speak to so many supporters and chart our course for the next sixteen months. Bay County is very important to the party’s 2012 efforts, not only for the statewide races but also because of important congressional and state legislative races.

Bay City GPS

The theme of our GPS could have been summed up as cooperation. We talked about how we will only succeed if we work together. Prior to the GPS, State Rep. Brunner spoke about the cuts and challenges we are facing in Lansing. Everyone in the room wanted to avoid that fate in Washington. Marie, the party vice-chair said, “We have to come together in 2012.”

The GPS was fruitful with many people signing up to volunteer and several people willing to serve as co-hosts for our July House Meeting. Getting buy-in and input from the grassroots is very important to the campaign plan for 2012. Local volunteers and activists have a wealth of institutional knowledge that will make our campaign stronger, smarter and ultimately more successful.

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