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Obama 2012 is training and empowering volunteers for a successful 2012 election!

Lansing- From the beginning, President Obama has made it clear that his campaign is about each person involved allowing him to continue his job. One way to teach people the tools of grassroots organizing is to hold training sessions—a friendly environment where everyone has fun, learns tons, and gets fired up about Obama 2012!


This previous week, summer organizers in Lansing. Everyone gathered around a large table to discuss their personal stories and learned how to conduct gatherings in a comfortable and open environment.


“It’s so great to see a wide group of volunteers excited about something, being able to engage them and watch them enjoy meeting each other is truly fulfilling,” said organizer Erin B. The volunteers at the meeting were met with an exciting staff of organizers along with lots of information about being core team members or even being a team captain.

The organizers were very excited to get new people involved in this historic and ground breaking campaign. One volunteer described the staff “as enthusiastic about Obama and change as I am—it is great to connect with them!”

A new volunteer, Marsha, attended the meeting because she wanted to be involved with the change first hand. She “wanted to make sure Democrats are elected to federal, state and local offices because they care about the people.”

A big thanks to everyone involved in this great training for the excellent work! Curious about what it’s like to be a part of our grassroots efforts? Contact Regional Field Director Jody Money at [email protected] to be set up with a local organizer who can answer all your questions. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date information about events in Michigan.

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