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Obama 2012 and Michigan Democrats: Grosse Pointe Democrats Are All In!

Grosse Pointe — A major part of building the campaign that will lead Obama 2012 forward in Michigan is building strong relationships with the State Democratic Party. From the state party to local city and township clubs, Michigan Democratic Party members exemplify Michigan’s tremendous history of organizing. Few clubs have worked as closely with us since the launch of the “I’m In” campaign than the Grosse Pointe Democrats.

Grosse Point Dems II

The Grosse Pointe Democrats are no strangers to building a winning grass roots campaign. They were critical to helping State Rep. Tim Bledsoe win re-election in 2010. Working with our grassroots leaders every step of the way, the GPDC showed their commitment to grassroots organizing. They credited their success to a combined effort of phone banking, door knocking, and team work.

Grosse Point Dems I

Ready to work on the 2012 election to make certain that Democrats across the ticket stay on top, members of the club have put together several important events to help build on their winning momentum. The GPDC are sponsored a Precinct Delegate Summit which will focused on recruiting people to fill delegate seats in 2012 as well as promote our “I’m IN” effort. A Club member recently attended an event with Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina and says they’re ready to help organize Grosse Point this year and next.

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