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The power of women in Oakland County


The power of the people inspired me last Tuesday more than usual. That day I had the honor of meeting Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz - and later in the evening, I had the privilege of speaking about President Obama’s accomplishments at a volunteer team meeting for Organizing for America (OFA), the President’s grassroots team.

When the Congresswoman walked into the room at a morning women's phonebank in Pontiac, she brought an inspiring energy with her. She made phone calls to constituents with the rest of us and didn’t hesitate to pitch in when furniture needed to be moved. I learned as much from that team spirit as I did from her brief remarks, which underscored that all of us can play a role in making our country better.


I carried the Congresswoman’s energy with me all day and into our neighborhood team meeting that evening. This was the first of what we planned will be a series of educational sessions to inform our friends and neighbors about key issues and mobilize more volunteers for 2012. Fellow team members spoke about the three branches of government and gridlock in Congress, and I concluded the presentations by talking about the President’s accomplishments to date. I came with two pages of bullet points, and it felt like I barely scratched the surface. Meeting the Congresswoman reinforced what ties all the bullet points together: Everything President Obama has done - and wants to do - is focused on doing what’s right for people. Growing the economy. Making healthcare coverage more affordable and available. Improving education. The list goes on.

The President, the Congresswoman and many other elected officials want to do what’s right for the country and its people. So does every single person who was at the volunteer meeting tonight. When we asked the newcomers what they thought of the meeting, some said they felt energized. Others appreciated the learning opportunity. One woman said she’d been disillusioned, but now felt hope for the country. And every person there was motivated to take action.


My day began with inspiration from one of the leaders of the Democratic Party. It ended with inspiration from my fellow neighbors. In between, I was reminded that we, the people, have the power to make a difference.

Ready to volunteer with other women in Michigan? Join us today.

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