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Oakland County MI Women Share Important Benefits for Women in the Affordable Care Act

Pontiac- The always-energetic women of the OC gathered to spread an important message. Reaching out to women across the county, they sharing the great news about the new guidelines which were announced August 1st regarding women’s preventative care. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act there is now coverage for many women’s preventive services. Many of the grassroots leaders at the phone bank worked tirelessly to support its passage two years ago.

Before sitting down with their call sheets, the women studied the 3-page information packet put out by, which details the new provisions and includes coverage for breastfeeding support and domestic violence screening, and access to contraception without charging a co-payment, among many other health care needs.

Said Judy B. of Waterford, “We have to have a conversation with people to point out the benefits of the ACA. Many good things are coming from it and it’s up to us to spread the news.”

Would you like to be a voice in these conversations? Please contact Melissa Bernardi, Regional Field Director in Oakland County at 586.764.3344 or at [email protected] We’ll help you find a team in your area or help you create a new one.

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