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Volunteer of the Week: Ankur

Ankur Sakaria

“I want to be able to vote for the person who affects my life in a greater way, in a positive way. And that is President Barack Obama.”

Ankur is fired up and ready to go. The eighteen year-old University of Pittsburgh sophomore first became a fellow with the Obama campaign in his college town because he wanted to make a difference and educate young voters about the President’s efforts to help all Americans.

Ankur loved his work so much that he decided to sign up to be a fellow again this summer. This time, he’s organizing in his childhood home of Long Island. Ankur describes what motivates him:

“The feeling that I can make a difference, I can help educate people, I can activate and mobilize as many supporters as possible. That’s why I volunteer."

When Ankur is empowering others to get involved, he knows that he’s changing something for the better. When he thinks about the positive effects of the President’s policies, he knows he’s making a difference.

Ankur is particularly proud of the Affordable Care Act, which he calls a “monumental step in the right direction.” Ensuring that millions of Americans have access to health care represents the best of the United States for Ankur.

When Ankur is asked about what special skills or traits he contributes to the Obama campaign, he has an unusual response:

“I bring what every other person brings to this campaign. I bring time…Time is the most valuable thing to the campaign… If you can give your time we will win this election.”

Want to help make a difference like Ankur is doing? We’re currently accepting applications to become fall organizing fellows with the campaign. Join Ankur in giving your time to help re-elect the President.

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