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I'd rather be doing something important

Tyler Shegarian

Tyler, an economics major at Fordham University, is spending his summer vacation volunteering in New York’s Obama campaign headquarters. And he’s not the only one. The New York City office is teaming with fired-up young volunteers who are making phone calls and making a difference. We asked Tyler what brings him into the office, and here’s what he had to say:

“I believe this is the best way to spend your time. As a college student, I have a lot of time. I’d rather be making a difference than sitting around. Grassroots organizing is the most effective and most efficient form of creating change.”

Volunteering is giving Tyler new perspective. He describes a moment that made all of the canvassing efforts worthwhile, from a recent trip to Pennsylvania with a fellow volunteer:

“I met a 65 year-old man who was a first-time volunteer. I had been working for the campaign for three weeks. I told him that I really appreciated him volunteering. He said ‘2008 was the first time I voted for a President who actually represented me,’ that was when I realized how important the President was to other communities and how important it was to get him re-elected.”

We’re taking trips throughout the summer to canvass in Pennsylvania. Sign up to join Tyler on the next trip here.

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