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Winning the Future, One Community at a Time


Our Community Organizer Loretta H. is gearing up for her team meeting this week, and you’re invited!

Always on the ready, Loretta H. has her own personally laminated literature on the President’s accomplishments that she keeps in her purse at all times. She also puts four “I’m In” supporter cards in her purse every morning with the goal of reaching out to her neighbors to see if they too share her support.

Community Organizer Loretta H., has been a tireless advocate of the importance of getting involved and being true to your civic duty. Her dedicated work as a counselor at a local high school hasn’t slowed down her commitment to being a volunteer leader in her community. Loretta has helped her students be involved in the process, and over the past few months high school students have volunteered their time to our high school intern program. These students have learned valuable lessons in community activism, service, and grassroots organizing. Loretta sees these children as our greatest asset, and nothing pleases her more than to see the next generation actively involved in their community.

Youth aren’t Loretta’s only focus, as she has a very important team meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 12th 2011. She will be leading the informational session, setting goals for the next couple months, and even leading a “I’m in for 44” ribbon cutting ceremony. This is a creative way for the attendees to publicly show support for our nation’s 44th President, and take home a memento to as a reminder of their commitment! The event will feature Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party, Roberta Lange, as the keynote speaker.

Will you join us as we get together to learn more about how we plan to support the 2012 campaign?

TIME: Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
LOCATION: Organizing for America - Nevada Office
2475 S. Jones Blvd, Suite # 7
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Click here to RSVP

Working in the education community for many years, Loretta has made a focused effort to include as many fellow educators, teachers, and community activists as possible for this important meeting. However this event is open to the public, and all who are interested in learning how they can help participate are more than welcome to attend.

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Tyson Megown, Organizing for America - Nevada Intern