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Thank You, President Obama

Last week, I was lucky enough to win the contest to meet President Obama backstage before his rally with Katy Perry at Doolittle Park. I committed to a volunteer shift and received the opportunity of a lifetime. It was a dream come true.

When I met President Obama, I showed him a picture of our only child Thomas, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Thomas enlisted for another four years after his first deployment, even though he had been wounded and received the Purple Heart.

During our brief meeting, the President was warm and welcoming; he gave me his undivided attention the entire time. It reminded me of why I first began supporting him: because he truly cares about people.

And thanks to President Obama, my son will soon be returning home for good. The President’s plan to end the war in Afghanistan is the best decision for our military, and I completely support him.

I also got the chance to thank the President for the work that the First Lady and Dr. Biden are doing for military families. We’ve received incredible support from our community and I know that my son is receiving the best treatment possible for his PTSD. I’m glad to know that our leaders are paying attention to our needs.

That’s why I’m excited to vote for Barack Obama this year, and why I’ve been volunteering for his re-election for more than a year. There’s a lot more work to do, and President Obama is keeping our country in the right track. I’ll continue to help fight for four more years until this Election Day.


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