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Meet Summer Organizer Mabel L.

Determined to see President Obama be re-elected in 2012, Los Angeles-native Mabel L. has moved to Nevada for the summer to organize.

“In the last 2 years, President Obama has been working endlessly on fulfilling all the promises he made when he ran in 2008. Let’s see his presidency through and allow him to finish what he started!”

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Drawing from her background in Asian Pacific American outreach, Mabel has joined organizers from all over the country to create sustainable grassroots support networks. She recognizes our program not only as an exciting opportunity to aid Obama, but a chance to receive valuable training in organizing.

“I’ve been involved in community and voter outreach in California ever since I graduated from college. It’s been extremely fulfilling, but I felt like I was ready to take on more of a challenge. That’s why I applied for Organizing for America’s Summer Organizer program-- it’s exciting for me to be organizing in a fierce battleground state like Nevada, where I know every supporter matters. There’s a true sense of urgency that keeps me motivated and on my toes every day.”

For Mabel, what President Obama has done for her is immeasurable.

“I most admire Obama for his relentless work towards healthcare reform. It truly was a noble effort, and it meant even more to me that he struggled incredibly hard to reach a bi-partisan compromise. As a 20-something recent graduate, I was one of the ones caught up in the limbos of the recession. Thanks to President Obama however, I’m able to stay on my parent’s insurance until 26, allowing me to experience only a small gap in time where I didn’t have access to health insurance. I can’t imagine the fear people (especially those with families) live under with not having the security of health insurance. I am truly grateful for all that he has done.”

Meet Mabel by joining her for an upcoming phonebank in the Las Vegas office.

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