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I'm Looking for a Leader


Four years ago, I voted for Barack Obama because I believed in him. Today, I still do. Not because of any party affiliation, but because of the dedication he has for this country. I want a leader who wants to lead America, not just beat “the other guy.”

I am a disabled veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, diagnosed with epilepsy and PTSD. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to get a job when you have these conditions – if you can’t go 10 days without having a seizure, who’s going to hire you? But I know I’ve got a president who’s working to make life better for veterans like me, and for that I support him unequivocally.

I believe President Obama when he says we are making change happen, because I see it. He’s fixing the mess he inherited; he’s stuck with it and he knows how to get things done. We’re pulling out of two wars and the economy is rebounding. Are we better off as a society than we were four years ago? My answer is yes. I think he’s a groundbreaking leader so far and I can’t wait to see what he’s got next.

Mr. President, I am not looking for a handout, a bailout, entitlement or an invitation to have dinner (although I would gladly accept the offer and be honored to join you). I am looking for a strong leader that will fight for the rights and liberties of those who elected him, and ensure the safety of our country and citizenry in times of crisis. In my humble opinion, that leader is you, sir.


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