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If Oscar Can, Anyone Can

Above is a picture of Oscar G. Oscar is a volunteer at our office in Pahrump. A disabled veteran, he’s legally blind and can’t drive a car. So a few times a week, I’ll pick him up and bring him to the office. He makes dozens of calls for us on a regular basis.

Oscar is bilingual and a proud Latino; he helps us reach out to the Latino community in Pahrump. He makes “as many calls as [his] eyeballs allow,” as he likes to say.

In my opinion, if Oscar can volunteer, anyone can. Please read his story:

I support President Obama for several reasons:

1. Because of my condition, I think I can feel people pretty well from just a touch. In 2008, I went to hear Barack Obama speak in Las Vegas and I shook his hand. Just from that handshake, I felt his warmth and his eagerness to bring change. I thought to myself, that’s one heck of a man.

2. If it weren’t for President Obama, I wouldn’t have the home I have right now. I was able to receive a refund thanks to his expansion of tax credits, and now my house is paid off already.

3. Once Barack Obama became President, I started seeing changes in the Veterans Administration. I visited the VA clinic here in Pahrump and they helped me purchase a monitor (pictured above) that allows me to read by magnifying images 1,000 percent, so I can see what I’m doing. It helped me realize that life goes on after blindness.

And if I needed any other reasons to support the man, I have three more: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. I’ve found that it’s inevitable – especially for people like me – that either you pass away young or you live long enough to reach a point where you have to rely on a safety net to help you.

It really upsets me when people act like I’m leeching off America because I’m disabled. I damaged my eyesight fighting for my country in Vietnam and it hurts to see others have no compassion for disabled veterans. At the end of the day, that’s why I’m voting for Barack Obama – because he supports veterans like me.

Whatever I can do, I do. When I can, I earnestly go out there and try to help give President Obama another four years. We need to win this election.


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