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He's Done So Much

NV-Craig (1)

President Obama helped me keep my home. As a disabled senior citizen, I was really struggling to make my monthly mortgage payments. But thanks to a loan modification program the President passed this year (Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP), I was able to reduce what I owed for my mortgage by more than $200,000. That cut my payments by about $800 a month. Without the modification, I would have lost my house.

I am so grateful to the President. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen anybody step up the plate for me the way he has. And I know I’m not the only one, just one in hundreds of thousands who he’s really, really helped.

When President Obama took office, we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs each month. He created thousands of jobs, saved the auto industry, gave every American access to medical coverage and now he’s doing everything he can to offer people a fair shot at the American dream.

In Nevada alone, we have gained 19,900 private sector jobs. There’s still work to do, but how can people say we’re not better off than we were four years ago? President Obama has done so much for this country, for the American people, and for Nevadans.

We can’t go backwards. That’s why I plan on voting early. I believe if something’s important, you take care of it right away, and it’s important for me to show the President that I’ve got his back. There’s no reason for me to wait to vote.

It’s even more critical to vote because we live in a swing state. In 2008, Nevada helped carry the President to victory. It’s the same situation now: Nevada may decide the election again. We can’t be complacent – it’s going to be neck and neck, and every vote counts.

I hope you’ll vote in this election, and I especially urge you to vote early. If you do, you’ll be able to say you were part of history, part of the team that helped America move forward.


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