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Commit to Vote!


I was unemployed for nearly 18 months, struggling, when I got a job working for the Las Vegas Urban League as a technology trainer.

My job was funded by a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program grant dedicated to giving lower-income Americans access to technology. As I looked into the grant, I learned that it was paid for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – the so-called “stimulus fund.”

It was then that realized the reason I have a job right now, and for the past three years, is because President Obama pushed for and passed that act. And I’m not the only one. The President’s stimulus fund benefits more than 6,000 people each week who use our public computing centers in southern Nevada.

What’s great is that I was able to help the people who visit our computer labs by registering them to vote. In 30 days, I registered 30 people through Now that voter registration is over, I help visitors use the site to find early voting information and to commit to vote. Committing takes only seconds but it will make a world of difference this November.

Why will it make a difference? Because committing helps remind you of how important voting is, making you more likely to check that ballot box. Voting is the biggest way to have a voice in the future of this country – as I tell our visitors, it’s impossible to complain about something unless you do something about it!

This election really is a choice between two visions for our country. President Obama wants to grow the middle class, as opposed to imposing this trickle-down idea that’s been around for decades and which we know doesn’t work. This year, we have to protect the progress President Obama has achieved over the last four years.

I’m personally thrilled to be able to help people act on their civic duties and feel responsible for the outcome for themselves and the world. I ask you to also commit to vote and make a difference this November:


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