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Cause For Celebration

Congratulations to our volunteers Sean and Kate on their recent engagement!

When Sean P. first got involved with Organizing For America he said, “I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.” He had received my card from his girlfriend, Kate, and he was eager to begin making a difference for the President’s 2012 campaign. Soon enough, Sean was a regular at the office, attending events and leading volunteers in a community service project to benefit children in Child Protective Services.

I'm In--Sean+Kate

While Sean was busy gathering over 500 items (school supplies) to donate to under-privileged kids, Kate began to get frustrated with the lack of progress on budget issues in our state legislature. Clearly Sean had begun to see the power of activism, and soon Kate and I were meeting to discuss strategies for advocacy.

Kate began implementing our plan, and soon phones of local legislators were ringing off the hook with voters supporting funding of our education system. In the end, the legislature approved the measure that Kate was fighting for, and Nevada’s schools are stronger thanks to her.

At Organizing for America, we love to celebrate the achievements of wonderful volunteers like Sean and Kate, so we’re especially happy today to celebrate their recent engagement! Here at the office they’ve made all of our lives brighter and we’re excited for the bright future they’ll have together.

Sean and Kate enjoy not just a passion for each other, but also a passion for making a difference in our community. If you’ve been asking yourself how you can make a difference, then this is your opportunity! You can meet Sean and Kate by signing up for our weekly potluck called Community Action Night or other events at

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