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100 in 100: Accomplishment No. 22

Accomplishment No. 22: Being the Community Organizer in Chief

On the occasion of President Obama's 51st birthday, we're marking an accomplishment that isn't often talked about, but that means so much to our campaign and our volunteers.

President Obama could have chosen a much different path in life after law school. As president of the Harvard Law Review, the doors open to him led to a far more lucrative career than the one he chose.

Instead President Obama chose to work in the inner-city as a community organizer, doing what our field organizers and volunteers now do every day to protect the progress that's been made over the last four years.

Community organizing isn't easy, it's hard work with long hours and you're not going to get rich doing it. But if you stick with it what you will get is change.

President Obama stuck with it, and now every day that he is in the White House is a reminder that getting involved works. Organizing in the community works. It just takes one person reaching out to another.

Happy birthday, Mr. President, and thank you for reminding us how far you can go if you just get involved.

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