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100 in 100: Accomplishment No. 21

Accomplishment No. 21: Investments in education and Historically Black Colleges

Time and time again, President Obama has affirmed that he believes one of the best ways to extend opportunities to young Americans is to keep college affordable. That’s why he’s acted to ensure that higher education remains a goal open to all, especially minorities.

During his time in office, President Obama has doubled funding for Pell Grants, helping nearly 10 million students pay for college in the last year. This has helped African American students in particular since nearly half (about 46 percent) receive federal grants. In Nevada, 33,000 students receive Pell Grants each year.

For those students who might not be able to access Pell Grants, President Obama established a program to give tax credits to help American families pay for college costs. Last year, 81,000 Nevada families were able to receive an average of $1,700 in support to relieve their tuition expenses.

In contrast, earlier this year Mitt Romney said he supported Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget plan, which would have cut Pell grants by $1,000 per student. The plan called for eliminating funding for the grants by $170 billion in the next decade, effectively removing more than a million students from Pell grant eligibility. “I applaud it,” Romney said. “It’s an excellent piece of work and very much needed.”

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