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Not your average award ceremony

Supporters nationwide joined forces Tuesday to send a message to climate change deniers in Congress that it is time to accept the reality of science. In one day, OFA supporters hand-delivered "Congressional Climate Change Denier Awards" to more than 100 members of Congress.

Climate change denier Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California has said that "global warming is a total fraud." OFA Orange County volunteers rallied to make sure he knew that 97% of climate scientists say otherwise.

In Florida, supporters put pressure on Sen. Marco Rubio, holding 11 events across the state and delivering his very own Climate Denier Award to one of his staffers.

In Bloomington, Ind., Rep. Todd Young sat down with OFA supporters when they delivered his Climate Denier Award, and the group had a conversation about climate issues and the importance of taking action.

Here's a look at more photos and stories from OFA events nationwide:

OFA volunteers will keep putting pressure on lawmakers until there is action in Congress to address climate change. It's not too late to get involved—call out the members of Congress who deny the science of climate change in your state.

Call out climate deniers

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