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Not-So-Lazy Summer Day

At Saturday’s day of action, Summer Organizer Bryan E. along with volunteers from the Trumansburg area headed to Taughannock Falls State Park for a summer concert—they knew it was a great way to reach the community. Families gathered in Ulysses, part of the Finger Lakes Region, for a fun-filled day of music and barbecue at the beach.

This summer day was far from lazy—the volunteers saw the opportunity to register voters and all contributed what they could. Some volunteers brought supplies—Darol brought a table— others each brought a few chairs. Wendy brought along her camera so that she could capture the day’s efforts with some pictures. A couple in their late 80s knew that they couldn’t walk around to canvass, but were eager to sit at the table and register voters there.

“We engaged many people in conversation, passing out one page sheets on the president’s accomplishments and getting them thinking about the importance and urgency of the campaign.” –Bryan

While they witnessed an outpouring of support from the community, inevitably not everyone was ready to commit from the get go. A young woman approached the group’s table and questioned their reasons for supporting the president. As volunteers shared their personal stories with the woman, she began smiling and eventually agreed with their sentiments—she even signed an “I’m in” card signifying that she is “in” to support President Obama in 2012.

There is a place within this campaign for every volunteer, and neighborhood teams are forming now, just like the Trumansburg team. How can you contribute to the efforts in your community? Whether by bringing some supplies or spending a few hours registering voters, you can mobilize this campaign. Ready to get started? Find out about upcoming events in your area here or send an email to [email protected]

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