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Not just resolutions

You know what's actually really awesome about this time of year?

Knowing that OFA supporters aren't just making resolutions—they're out there making a difference.

We're change-makers. We're bold. We fight for progress. And that's exactly what we need right now.

This time of year, I see it in full force, when stories flood in from people whose lives have literally been saved by being able to get health coverage through Obamacare—and from the OFA volunteers who are helping make that happen.

More than 20 million people have gained access to affordable care because supporters like you stood up and went to bat for it—and then helped friends, family, and neighbors get enrolled.

Here's the thing: We have to keep pushing. We have to stay strong. And this week's budget deadline will help determine the path forward.

Make a difference right now—chip in before the end-of-year deadline to make the fight for progress in 2017 as strong as it can be.

What's at stake isn't trivial. Access to quality, affordable health care should be a right for all Americans—not a privilege. From phonebanks (shout out to Arizona and California!) and canvassing (I see you, New Jersey and New York!) to press events (hey, Wisconsin and Tennessee!)—to name only a few—OFA supporters have been working hard for years now to spread the word about health care reform and how, when, and where to sign up.

OFA volunteers are gearing up for the work ahead.
And this coming year, as opponents toy with repealing Obamacare like it's some kind of political football, we're going to have to work even harder to defend it.

We can't go back to the days when people's health care stories were too often about uncertainty and bankruptcy.

This end-of-year, be a part of this fight. Help us make sure OFA organizing efforts are stronger than ever—so that would-be repealers think twice about treading on our Obamacare.

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