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Not just for the Pizza

Students St. Olaf

Last night, Minnesotans gathered together in houses, restaurants, and campuses across the state to watch the President lay out his vision for creating an America that’s built to last. Nick C. hosted a great party at St. Olaf with pizza and students and a lot of support for the President:

About 40 people crowded into the Black Ballroom at St. Olaf College to watch President Obama give his third State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. College students are always lured by the promise of free pizza, which was in plentiful supply Tuesday, but these students were also drawn to this speech by the increased attention that our political process gets every four years thanks to the election. Almost all of the attendees stayed for the entire speech and shared their reactions afterward. Many students were particularly impressed by the President’s idea of “an economy built to last,” with its emphasis on high-tech and green-tech jobs. Lower college tuition is another issue that students can get behind, so the president’s call on colleges and universities to stop tuition hikes was well-received.

Some of the students have been out of the political process for years but found themselves fired up and ready to get involved again after listening to President Obama highlight the accomplishments from his first term. Of the 39 people who came to the speech Tuesday night, 27 had never been to an OFA event at St. Olaf. It goes to show that students and young Americans everywhere are re-engaging and getting ready to lend the president their time and energy in 2012. Next up for OFA at St. Olaf is a tabling event schedule for the beginning of second semester. Several students who attended the debate watch have already agreed to help, with more to come.

You can help re-elect President Obama by volunteering your time and talents in the coming months. Let us know what you thought of the speech and sign up to get involved today.

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