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This wasn't about the middle class.

On the Senate floor late Friday night, before this tax scam passed with 51 votes, I asked my colleagues a simple question: "If we want to cut middle-class taxes, why don't we give a tax cut to the middle class?"

Not one of the 51 senators who voted for the bill answered me.

Senate leaders have tried for months to sell this as a "middle-class plan." But they can't pretend anymore. They know what the American people know:

These tax breaks aren't going to workers, or to create new jobs, or to struggling Ohioans or Texans or Virginians. They're going to corporate stockholders and executive bonuses.

Non-partisan estimates say that if this bill passes, it will add a trillion dollars or more to our deficit.

And when this same group of senators turns around, weeks or months from now, to decide it's time to cut spending ... they'll do it by slashing the programs that so many Americans rely upon most: Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Some of them have already started threatening these programs, all so we can make the lives of billionaires and wealthy corporations a little easier.

It's cruel, irresponsible, and morally reprehensible. I won't stand for what it will do to Ohio and to our country.

I hope you won't, either. Join OFA in calling for an end to this tax scam:

I'm in

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