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North Carolina Is In!

North Carolina Is In! Since April 4th 2011, volunteers, supporters and community leaders across the state have said they’re “IN” and have been joining the movement to re-elect President Barack Obama! Are You In?

With the launch of the President’s Re-election Campaign, volunteers have aggressively taken their efforts directly to supporters by reaching out to other volunteers (past and present) to sit down and host 1:1 conversations with these folks. With hundreds of these 1:1 meetings happening every day in North Carolina, the grassroots movement is growing person by person with some of NC’s most talented organizers and most passionate supporters. To learn more about the campaign’s strategy, check out the breakdown from Jim Messina:

Additionally, volunteer leaders and staff began hosting team meetings with folks from all walks of life about the beginning of the campaign. At the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, student leaders came together to start recruiting new members to kick off the fall semester. Gabrielle from UNC stated, “she’s excited to back on the campaign after serving as canvass leader in 2008 as a sophomore in high school and can’t wait to cast her first vote for Barack Obama in 2012!”


At a 1:1 meeting in Charlotte, Sharon said she’s “In” because “because this is the first time I have really understood and felt all the change that has been created. The President has accomplished so much and we have to work to make sure everyone knows that.


The movement to keep North Carolina blue has already begun, but it’ll take the work of volunteers and leaders like you to be successful. Check back at here next week to see what different parts of the state are doing to kick things off!

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