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“No question” on President Obama's debate win

Here's a look at what people are saying about President Obama's clear win in last night's foreign policy debate:

"If Mitt Romney’s foreign policy was an unknown to average voters, President Obama came to the table for the third presidential debate ready to sum it up in one word: dated."
Los Angeles Times

"Obama pressed his case that Romney’s worldview as well as his prescriptions for the domestic front were not just wrong but also rooted in the past."
The Washington Post

"On foreign policy, the subject of Monday night’s final presidential debate, [Mitt Romney] had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost. That’s because he has no original ideas of substance on most world issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan."
The New York Times

“There’s no question debate coaches would score this one for the President.”
John King

"Mitt Romney mostly ducked questions about his military plans in the third and final presidential debate Monday night—offering President Barack Obama the opportunity for perhaps his most devastating strike of the three verbal jousts."
The Huffington Post

“If this had would’ve been a Little League baseball game, they would’ve called the thing after four innings.”
James Carville

“I think that Mitt Romney botched a lot of things tonight.”
Neil Cavuto

“… Mitt Romney repeated what he said before, that the President went on an apology tour when he became president. We’ve looked at all those speeches on those foreign trips. The President didn't apologize for America.”
ABC Fact Check

“I do think that the Democrats and President Obama have a legitimate argument. The guy who came into these debates was not the candidate we saw in the primaries. We go back to the Etch-A-Sketch.”
David Gergen

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