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"No one could have worked harder for us over the last four years"

Sue from New Hampshire

"When the First Lady came to visit Manchester this summer, I had the chance to meet her along with a few other neighborhood team leaders. She thanked me for my work and my commitment to the campaign. It reminded me that Michelle and Barack have walked the streets knocking on doors, too. The hours we commit to this campaign really are making a difference, and knowing how much the President and First Lady appreciate our efforts motivates me to work even harder in the final few weeks.

"So many people have pointed the finger at President Obama, demanding greater change, faster change. I want people to know that no one could have worked harder for us over the last four years. I find myself relating to him, and I feel that he relates to me. He is paying attention to the middle class, creating opportunities for those who seek it. This is how, as a country, we move forward.

"My mother lived until she was almost 100, and she relied on Medicare and Medicaid. I saw how much it helped her. I hate to think that others may see their lives cut short because of damage done to the programs they rely on to access health care. The Romney-Ryan plan to voucherize Medicare would wipe out security for our elderly, taking away support for a generation who spent their lives working hard for this country."

Sue, New Hampshire

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