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No Normal Summer

Yesterday was only my fourth day as a summer organizer, and already I was embarking on new territory: organizing my first Obama 2012 house party.

I was prepared: I printed off the agenda for the house party, a rundown of the President’s accomplishments, a schedule of our upcoming events, and a list of calls to make into Auglaize County so we can begin to build local teams again.

Being prepared for my first house party felt good, but that was nothing compared to how I felt once I got there and conversations about the Affordable Care Act quickly arose—it felt like I was part of something bigger. As a group of women got together on a Thursday night to talk about their country, I remembered what I learned at my summer organizer training: It’s all about the personal story.

In my short experience so far as a summer organizer, exchanging personal stories has been one of my favorite parts. Last night I found myself in a basement bonding over the Recovery Act and the President's achievements. When we weren’t sharing stories about how our families have been affected by the auto industry, we were sharing stories about health care costs and the importance of public education.

We spent time making calls to other supporters, and I overheard conversations both about President Obama’s re-election and the upcoming local mayor’s race in St Mary's, Ohio. I found myself not being able to focus on my own calls as I suddenly realized that this was no normal house meeting, and that this will be no normal summer.

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