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Women for Obama, Santa Fe

Recently, I attended a delightful evening held at the beautiful home of Santa Fe Obama supporter Melinda, perched above the city in the rolling foothills of pinion and juniper.

Carol, our Santa Fe County Field Organizer gathered a small group of women volunteers to celebrate “the fabulousness of each woman” and the incredible work they are contributing to the President’s campaign. Stories of self and childhood pictures conveyed the beauty of every woman in attendance and gave us all an even greater admiration for each other.

Santa Fe Women for Obama

These disparate women, originally from various parts of the United States, came together because of their convictions. And each one gives many hours a week, working to re-elect President Obama.

Melinda’s reasons for supporting Obama are linked to her need for health insurance for a serious illness. She credits the President’s health care initiative with giving her the medical coverage she needs to maintain her health. She is one of many hard working volunteers giving 30 hours a week with gratitude to his campaign.

I spoke with Faith, who was raised in a very conservative, Baptist family in a small town. Years ago, while on a trip, her bus stopped at a diner. She got on after a huge downpour and saw two black soldiers trying to wring out the water from their uniforms after they boarded. She was outraged that these soldiers were willing die to for our country, but had to stay out in the rain because a huge sign on the front of the diner said “Whites Only.”

Girded by a strong commitment to equal rights, she has worked for political campaigns since the early 1960s and continues to this day.

Another guest, Kathleen has had a long and varied career in the arts, acting off Broadway, on TV and in movies and commercials. Now she volunteers as the Santa Phone Bank Captain, reaching out to her neighbors to share why she supports President Obama. Working with her in the office has shown me how dedicated people contribute because they feel they must.

Santa Fe Women for Obama

I am in awe of these women, each one emphasizing that this election is one of the most important of our time and recognizing that President Obama must be re-elected to help all the people in our country.

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