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UNM vs. NMSU: And the Winner Is…

The big UNM/NMSU football game isn't until tomorrow, but Aggies and Lobos have been squaring off all this week.

The contest: Which campus team can talk to more voters about the choice New Mexico's voters face this election?

Given his work to address college affordability, expand healthcare and and all the other great things the President has done to help young Americans, it's no wonder that President Obama has enthusiastic supporters on both campuses. But -- as a student at UNM — I thought the Lobos would beat the Aggies.

Boy, was I wrong.

The New Mexico State University Students for Obama team took the competition hands down, knocking on more doors and having hundreds more conversations with voters than the University of New Mexico Students for Obama team.

I'm shocked. How could the Aggies have pulled all of this off in less than a week?

Here's the good news: the Lobos can still pull ahead. Tomorrow, we'll be registering voters alongside our friends from NMSU at the tailgate before the big football game in Las Cruces.

In fact, we're going to register as many voters as we can! Will you help?

RSVP at to help UNM (or NMSU) Students for Obama register voters and keep moving New Mexico forward.

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