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Tikkun- Olam

Images from the July launch of New Mexico's Jewish Americans for Obama.

My name is Ben and I'm a Jewish American working for Organizing for America New Mexico.

Every day, I put in long hours and work hard to re-elect the President and support other Democrats. The values that Judaism instilled in me are a large part of why I'm here, and I was honored to host a Shabbat dinner earlier this month in Albuquerque to launch New Mexico's Jewish Americans for Obama.

People from the city's Jewish community came together to talk about the President's record and why, as Jewish Americans, we're working so hard to support his re-election.

Barack Obama has and will continue to support a sustainable peace. He stands with Israel to protect our right to a Jewish Homeland. At the same time, he's proven to the world that he is committed to the peace process and to Israel’s security and well-being. He has strengthened the unbreakable bond between our two nations.

But, for me, this isn't just about Israel. As President, President Obama's actions have been consistent with my Jewish values, especially the belief in "Tikkun- Olam," or "Repairing the World".

In just his first term, Barack Obama has:

  • Fought for equal pay for women in the workplace.
  • Expanded health insurance coverage to 34 million new Americans, many of whom can now finally afford coverage for the first time.
  • Consistently fought to promote opportunity, equality and environmental stewardship.

Barack Obama understands the issues that are important to my Jewish community and respects my culture and heritage.

President Obama is fighting for peace, opportunity, and equality. Join Jewish Americans for Obama and show your support.

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