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The Power of Personal Persuasion

U.S. Senator Tom Udall Phone Banks for President Obama

Tom Udall knows what it’s going to take to win this election.

“The thing we've learned over the years is that when it's neighbor to neighbor, knocking on a neighbor's door and saying 'I like this particular candidate,’ that's what makes a difference.' And that’s why this grassroots effort is so important.”

For the last four years, the U.S. senator from New Mexico has been fighting for the middle class alongside President Obama. “It's a tough road but if everybody's engaged and involved we can get it done.” And he had good reason to be optimistic after seeing the enthusiasm displayed by the dozens of canvassers and phone bankers that turned out today in our South Valley and West Side offices.

These dedicated volunteers had many different reasons for wanting to see President Obama re-elected:

  • Margaret from the South Valley talked from experience about how Obamacare makes a real difference in people’s lives. “I could never change jobs because of pre-existing conditions. I wasn't assured that I would get health care somewhere else.”
  • For Jesus, it’s a matter of ensuring the President can finish what he started. “Way back when he was getting elected, he said the economy wasn’t going to get fixed in four years. I don’t think people listened to that. I did.”
  • Sally, who has been volunteering with the campaign for months, appreciates how the President has restored America’s image around the world. “I think he's an awesome international statesman and I think we need somebody who has good negotiating skills… and that will listen to other people and solve real problems.”

Regardless of their reasons, everyone agreed that coming out to talk to voters is the best way to share President Obama’s message. That’s why Michael, a Vietnam veteran, says it’s so important for people to get involved. “We need to keep going in the direction we're going in now and not to go backwards to the previous eight years. We saw what that got us.”

Perhaps the simplest message came from 9-year-old Sierra, who has been canvassing for the President with her mother, Sunny, since the 2008 election. “We need more people to help Obama win.”

Tom Udall is fighting to re-elect President Obama. With just 22 days left, learn what you can do to help at

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