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South Valley for Obama

More than 150 people packed yesterday's South Valley office for its grand opening, spilling out into the parking lot. Local car club members brought their classic rides out to show their support for the President's re-election. There was music and dancing. And Adrian Saenz, the Obama campaign's National Hispanic Vote Director, even flew into Albuquerque to be a part of the festivities.

Yesterday was a homecoming of sorts for OFA New Mexico Field Director Tomas Talamante, Operations Director Mariana Padilla and local Field Organizer Lorenzo Gutierrez. They've all lived in New Mexico all of their lives. But the opening of OFA New Mexico's new field office in the South Valley was something special.

"In New Mexico, we know that it's about we, not just me," said Tomas. "President Obama is dedicated to making sure that more kids in the South Valley — and across America — get a quality education. He knows how important healthcare, jobs, and education are for the people of our community."

Mariana knows how important this election is to her community. That's why she's working hard to re-elect Barack Obama.

"I'm sacrificing time with my family," said Mariana. "But I know that re-electing Barack Obama is one of the most important things I can do for my community and for my family's future."

"President Obama has always looked out for working families in communities like the South Valley," said Tomas. "Now it's time to get his back and help the President finish what we started."

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