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Romney/Ryan: Wrong for Us

I remember when it happened. Just after 8:00 PM Mountain Time, the Governor of New Mexico sold out New Mexico’s middle class families.

Last night, Governor Susana Martinez grabbed the national spotlight by publicly backing the Romney/Ryan ticket at the Republican National Convention.

But this election isn’t about ego, it’s about us… and our families. The Romney/Ryan platform that our governor endorsed last night would:

  • Risk $38 million in K-12 funding for New Mexico’s children.
  • Roll back protections against wage discrimination that cost the average New Mexican woman more than $400,000 over the course of her lifetime.
  • Allow insurers to once again discriminate against the families of 188,000 children in our state who have pre-existing conditions like asthma and cancer.
  • Threaten Medicare for 317,000 New Mexicans.
  • Pay for tax breaks for billionaires by cutting programs for and raising taxes and fees on middle class families.

Governor Romney made his name bankrupting businesses for profit with Bain Capital and trailing 46 other states in job creation as Governor of Massachusetts.

In the end, I believe this election is about more than flashy conventions and headlines. It’s about people… specifically, the middle class families of New Mexico.

I wish our Governor understood that.

State Senator Linda M. Lopez represents Southwest Albuquerque. She is a single mother and small business owner.

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