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Promises Kept

As a state senator in 2002, Barack Obama spoke out passionately against the war in Iraq. As a candidate for president in 2008, he pledged to bring the war to a responsible end.

When the President took office in January 2009, there were 142,000 U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. Today, all of the troops have left Iraq, and the Iraqi people have assumed full responsibility for the security of their nation.

On this, the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War, please take a moment to honor the service of tens of thousands of Americans who served in the war by welcoming home our troops.

Honoring Our Service Members

As President Obama has said, “part of ending a war responsibly is standing by those who fought it.”

The President has taken action to ensure our service men and women can find jobs when they return home – proposing and signing into law new tax credits to encourage businesses to hire veterans, retraining returning veterans for jobs in the private sector, and locking in pledges to hire vets and their spouses from America’s largest businesses.

The President has…

  • Proposed the Veterans Jobs Corps to put veterans back to work protecting and rebuilding America.
  • Made one of the largest increases in funding for veterans’ health in decades, fully funding the VA, so we can provide our veterans with the health care and benefits they have earned.
    That includes providing treatment for the signature wounds of today’s wars post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.
  • Expanded and improved the Post-9/11 GI Bill – it now includes the most generous benefits since the original GI Bill of 1944 – so veterans and their spouses can pursue a higher education, embrace new opportunities and contribute to America’s economy, just as they contributed to America’s safety.

And that’s not all.

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have made supporting military families a priority, because when a loved one serves, the entire family makes sacrifices. Their Joining Forces initiative is mobilizing businesses and schools to give military spouses and children the support they need and the work opportunities they have earned.

As Americans, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of our Service Members, and as a grateful nation we say welcome home. As New Mexicans, we once again affirm our commitment and responsibility to support our service members and their families when they return home, just as they have supported us.

Please join me – and all of the staff at Obama for America – New Mexico – in welcoming home our troops.

Find our more about how President Obama is standing up for those who served by going to and joining Veterans & Military Families for Obama today.

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