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Our Faith, Our Future

Rabbi Paul Citrin

President Obama is the clear choice in this year’s presidential election.

Democracy is a cornerstone of Jewish—and American—values. President Obama is committed to ensuring that everyday people—not just monied special interests—have a voice in our political system.

The President is also fighting for Tsedakah (justice) for all Americans. On fundamental issues like health care, women’s rights, and equality of opportunity, he has already delivered results that are improving the lives of middle-class Americans in New Mexico and around the country.

Since the beginning of this Administration, Barack Obama has demonstrated a clear commitment to this foundational value. He's signed legislation to end wage discrimination against women and became the first U.S. President in history to announce his support for marriage equality for LGBT Americans. His leadership during his first four years will mean that millions more Americans—including thousands in New Mexico—can access potentially life-saving health services.

And he's fighting to help more individuals in all our communities realize the American dream through opportunities in employment and education.

Finally, there is no greater ally than President Obama when it comes to fighting the terrorists who threaten the security of America, Israel and the rest of the world. From military and technology assistance to diplomatic support, the President has shown his unwavering support for the people of Israel.

This election is a profound choice about the kind of country we want to live in. For me, and millions of Jewish Americans across the country, the choice is clear.

President Barack Obama will further democracy, justice and security for this nation. That, my friends, is not just a question of our faith—it is a question of our future.

Rabbi Citrin is standing up for his values. Will you? With only 19 days left until the election, you can make a difference by helping get out the vote to re-elect President Obama. You can find a way to help in your neighborhood here:

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