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On the Ground: New Mexico's New Fall Fellows

Last weekend, dedicated people from across the state came tougher for an intensive two-day training on how to organize in their communities. Our latest class of Organizing Fellows returned to their communities with the skills they will need to fight for economic security for the middle class, better education, access to health care and more as they work to re-elect President Obama and support Democrats up and down the ticket.

George from Taos reflected on his experience at the training:

I came away convinced that I have wasted way too much energy a) reading blogs; b) watching the TV talking heads; and c) complaining about what's being written and said. Instead, I learned that my energy doing those things is misplaced and needs to be transformed into positive activities, positive affirmations for volunteers, and finding the next possible activity to move the campaign forward.

Want to get involved? Apply to be a Fall Organizing Fellow at

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