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OFA NM Launches Native American Vote Program

Barack Obama’s deep commitment to New Mexico’s Native Americans was on full display Sunday in Gallup. OFA NM officially launched its Native American Vote program with the installation of program director Debra Haaland.

Tribal leaders stand with OFA as Debra Haaland is installed as the Native American Vote Director

Tribal leaders stand with General Election Director Pam Coleman as Laguna Pueblo community member Debra Haaland is installed as the campaign’s Native American Vote Director. See more pictures...

Governor Richard Luarke of the Laguna Pueblo, President Ben Shelly of the Navajo Nation, veterans from the Tiis Tsoh Sikaad chapter of the Navajo Nation and representatives from other tribal communities were all in attendance for the launch of this first-in-the nation effort at mobilizing Native Americans for the 2012 election.

“I want a President who cares as much about what’s happening on the Zuni Pueblo as what’s happening in the rest of the country. President Obama is that President.”

Debra Haaland is a long-time advocate for Native American issues. She’s serves as the Secretary of the Native American Democratic Caucus and has held various community leadership positions on the Laguna Pueblo.

For her, President Obama is the clear choice in this year’s election:

“No modern President has done more to give Native Americans a real seat at the table. President Obama is committed to helping improve economies, infrastructure, education and health care across New Mexico’s Indian communities.”

Help support President Obama’s commitment to New Mexico’s Native Americans. Sign up to volunteer with the campaign…

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