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Neighborhood Team Leader: Stella

Stella Genero is a Neighborhood Team Leader in the South Valley, the largest Hispanic community in Albuquerque. Every day, she’s working to re-elect the President and support New Mexico Democrats.

1. Why did you get involved with the campaign?

I strongly believe that President Obama has always represented working people, which I and most of my friends and family are part of. And, I do this for my daughters and my granddaughters to ensure they will always be treated as equal citizens.

2. Which of President Obama's policies has affected you most directly?

As a local realtor, the homebuyer tax credit not only helped families in my community buy a home, but also helped realtors like me to help folks afford their homes.

3. As a neighborhood team leader, what do you do?

To get more volunteers involved, I hold a phone bank in my home every Monday evening.

4. Why should someone get involved with a neighborhood team?

You get to know people in your area and we all get to work towards a common goal: RE=ELECTION! Working with people you know, or get to know because of your shared values, makes us all feel part of a larger mission, here in the South Valley, in Albuquerque, and across New Mexico.

5. What has been the most exciting part about being a Neighborhood Team Leader in the South Valley?

I'm not just pulling a lever on Election Day. I am doing everything I possibly can to get President Obama re-elected.

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