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Native American Artists for Obama

Some of the most influential Native American artists in New Mexico are showing their support for the President's re-election effort under the banner of Native American Artists for Obama:

Neighborhood Team Leader Marita Hinds, with help from Native artist, Ben Calabaza (Santo Domingo Pueblo), who designed the artwork, kicked off the effort. She says:

"A lot of these artists are some of the most prominent, well known artists in the Native American arts community.

They have a following and are mentors to a lot of younger artists. They have collectors. They have galleries. It resonates to another audience too.

These artists all are for Obama and support what he's done for the last four years and want to support him for the next four years."

President Obama has shown an unprecedented commitment to Native American communities. And there are just five days left to re-elect him. Please sign up to volunteer between now and Election Day at

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