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Sunday is Mother’s Day and my thoughts inevitably turn to my own mom.

She died a little more than eleven years ago after a long bout with colon cancer. This year, more than most, I’ll be thinking of her.

The Burley family in the late 1970s: Kathy, Sean, Terry and Chris

My mom was like a lot of women in America… she worked hard.

She pulled herself and her family out of poverty by going back to school. She raised two boys into adulthood. She helped pay the bills as a full-time special education teacher.

And, during the course of her decade-long battle with cancer, she suffered indignities at the hands of a health care system where too often the question was “How are you paying?” rather than “How can I help you?”

For me, this election is about women like my mom – women who fight hard and give back to their families, their workplaces and their communities.

There is no doubt in my mind: President Obama stands with women like my mom.

He’s fought hard for equal pay for equal work. He’s worked to expand access to free preventive care and screenings that could have helped saved the lives of women like my mom. He’s taken on the tough job of improving the public schools that my mom dedicated her career to. And he’s stood steadfast against attacks on the rights of women to make their own health decisions.

Already, the President’s leadership is making a difference right here in New Mexico.

The families of 213,000 New Mexico women no longer have lifetime limits on their insurance coverage. 111,000 women in the state now have expanded access to preventative health services.

The President is fighting to prevent an interest rate hike on student loans for nearly 40,000 students in the Land of Enchantment.

Nationally, he’s fought to prevent 280,000 teacher layoffs, to extend the payroll tax cut extension for 77.9 million women and to extend unemployment benefits that provide a crucial lifeline for some 2.6 million American women.

With a record like this, I know my mom would be proud of my work to re-elect the President. I also know she’d be honored that President Obama is standing up for women like her.

Will you help fight for America’s working women? Please sign on to volunteer.

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Chris Burley, State Digital Director, Obama for America