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Mitt Romney: Wrong for Women in New Mexico

From his now-infamous "binders full of women" comment to Romney's opposition to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to help end wage discrimination, Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it.

But women in New Mexico do.

Erin, Albuquerque

“There is an abundance of qualified women in America and many are heading powerful corporations and admirable organizations. We don't need to be put in a binder for Romney to employ us. We can do that on our own." – Erin, Albuquerque

Ellen, Los Alamos

"I'm disappointed that Romney's response to helping women everywhere is a personal anecdote of one time he helped some women. Obama can point to a record of actually ushering change in women's rights." - Ellen, Los Alamos

President Obama is dedicated to equal opportunity for our friends, sisters, mothers, loved ones, and ourselves. The first bill he signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, legislation to fight wage discrimination against women and make sure we get an equal wage for equal work. Through his leadership on health care reform, Barack Obama is putting an end to insurers charging women more than men for health care coverage. He's committed to ensuring that women can make their own health care choices.

New Mexico's women stand with Barack Obama because he stands with us. Will you help?

President Obama has our backs. Will you have his? Less than three weeks remain until election day and expanded early voting in the Land of Enchantment begins this Saturday. Please sign up today to help get out the vote for the candidate who has stood with women from day one. Sign up to volunteer today at

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