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Living My Dream

Alex and her father during a neighborhood canvass on Father's Day.

I’m a 20-year-old Field Organizer living my dream working for the President in Las Cruces, NM! I started as a volunteer in summer 2011, and was accepted as an Organizing Fellow in January 2012.

As an Organizing Fellow, I learned the ins and outs of campaigns, making phone calls, registering voters, canvassing the neighborhoods of Las Cruces and organizing students and educators around New Mexico State University. And I found a social family that shared my commitment to moving our nation forward.

Now, as a full-time Field Organizer, I have a responsibility – and an opportunity -- that is not only a personal achievement, but also a commitment New Mexico voters and the country I love.

This is personal for me. As a college student, I now carry health insurance because of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

But it’s not just about my life.

My three-year old brother has a disability -- a condition he was born with was one that the insurance companies deemed a “pre-existing” condition. Because of the Affordable Care Act my little brother is alive today and receiving the care he needs to live a healthy, toddler-sized lifestyle.

My mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks to Obamacare, she can now afford medication for treatment.

I’m fighting hard every day to re-elect President Obama for kids like my brother, for women like my mother, and for young adults like me. The experience I had as an Organizing Fellow gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pursue my Field Organizer position… and is opening doors for me I never thought possible. Becoming part of something bigger than me feels wonderful.

And if anyone is thinking about applying to be an Organizing Fellow, I’d say, "Go for It!" There is no way that it will not change your life for the better.

Make a difference in your life… and in your community. Apply to be an Organizing Fellow at

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