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Kal Penn’s Favorite Boss

You may have seen Kal Penn on How I Met Your Mother, House, 24, The Namesake or in the Harold and Kumar movies. But you could just as easily have seen him on the campaign trail for President Barack Obama.

“Acting may be my first love, but my favorite boss is the man who signed the orders to have Navy Seal Team Six take out Osama bin Laden,” says Penn.

This week, Kal did a 48-hour whirlwind tour of New Mexico, kicking off canvasses in Albuquerque, phone banking in Santa Fe and firing up young supporters at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas.

“We’re getting young folks registered to vote, making sure they know what their rights are, and making sure that they know about the website That’s the bottom line: making sure that everyone has access to the information they need.”

Since 2007, Kal has knocked on doors, made phone calls and talked with tens of thousands of young people on behalf of the President.

He even left Hollywood to serve in the White House for two years, where he communicated the President’s agenda to support young Americans and members of the arts and Asian, Indian and Pacific Islander communities.

Like a lot of the President’s supporters, Kal is working for the country – and friends and family – that he loves:

The biggest difference between campaigning for the President in 2008 and 2012 is that back then we were talking about promises. Now we can talk about what the President has accomplished.
I had friends over in Iraq. I had friends who were discharged from the service under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I have a friend who actually had to choose between buying textbooks and getting the glasses he needed to see the front of the class.
Now our friends are back from Iraq. Another buddy of mine just completed his military training – and can now serve his country openly in a way he couldn’t before President Obama ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
The President doubled the Pell Grant. He created something called the American Opportunity tax credit that gives young folks $10,000 over the course of four years to go to school. You can stay on your parent’s health insurance until your 26.
That’s a tremendous amount of progress in a short amount of time. I would like to do my part to volunteer to help keep moving our country forward.

Do your part to help move the country forward. Sign up to volunteer at and make sure you have the info you need to make your voice heard by visiting today.

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