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Jeanne, 62, had never had a colonoscopy before. Always debating if it was worth the high copay, she gambled to save that money for her two sons instead. It wasn't until the Affordable Care Act allowed her to take advantage of free preventive screenings that she decided to go through with the exam. Now everyone is glad that she did.

They found two polyps, and the nurse also quickly identified cancer. Within 5 days, I had another appointment to look at my options.

Jeanne had to get surgery to remove a large part of her intestine, as well as 42 lymph nodes. Thankfully, the surgeon now says that Jeanne is cancer-free. But thinking about what could have happened is frightening.

If I didn't have that colonoscopy, I would have been dead by next year. This initiative is going to save millions of women's lives.

Jeanne isn't alone. Stand with President Obama by volunteering today.

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