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"It's time for us to speak up."

Max, Albuquerque

Max is a 78-year-old former construction worker and miner who became disabled from back injuries and has been battling lung cancer for the last six years. But he’s doing what he can to make sure President Obama gets re-elected on November 6th.

“To my mind, he has been the best President of the United States."

Max spent much of his life in Taos county and now lives in Albuquerque. He believes in Barack Obama because the President understands the challenges that so many Americans face today.

“He knows what it is to be poor. He went through tough times. He knows what people need.”

Max is no longer physically able to canvass or phone bank for the President because of his health problems. Still, he does what he can, passing out buttons and bumper stickers to his friends and neighbors and talking to them about why he believes in the President.

“I don't think they'll be able to find another President like Obama. He's just a very honest man and very smart. He is defending our country. He is working for justice."

Max is sharing his most important message of all: Vote for Barack Obama.

“This is a very important election for us. It's time for us to speak up.”

Max and his family have already voted to re-elect the President. You can vote early too! Find a location near you:

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